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Despite the downturn in the economy over the past years, business and private aviation are starting to make a comeback. It certainly isn’t a sudden and dramatic upturn, but gradually more travelers and business people are using private jet travel out of Los Angeles as a practical and time-saving way to get around the country. Charter companies and brokers in Los Angeles and around the country are seeing an increasing number of queries from those interested in hiring their own private jet.

If you happen to be one of these people and are looking to charter a jet from Los Angeles, there are seemingly countless options to choose from with such a high density of charter companies in the Los Angeles area. This brief article will walk you through the simple steps of booking a jet. The process of hiring a jet is surprisingly simple, but there are a few things to consider beforehand to ensure that your trip is as safe and comfortable as possible.

The first thing you’ll need to do is determine your itinerary – if not firm dates, then a rough estimate – and figure out how many passengers will be going along on the flight. Once you have that information figured out, contact either a charter broker or a specific charter company that you have in mind to perform your trip and request that they send you a quote for your trip. They will assess the trip requirement and match an aircraft that will be able to perform the trip.One of the benefits of using a good broker is the fact that they’ll likely search out several companies and solicit several competitive quotes for your trip, whereas when you contact only one company, they’ll give you a single quote for whatever aircraft best suits your itinerary. They may not have the ideal aircraft for your needs, but a broker should be able to track down the perfect airplane that will be both safe and economical.

A good jet charter broker or sales associate at a charter company will ask you some questions in order to get a better sense of the trip so that they can match you with the perfect airplane. For example, if you want to charter a jet from Van Nuys to Aspen, you’re likely going to be bringing skis along on the flight. Some aircraft are well-suited to carrying multiple sets of skis, however other aircraft, even some large aircraft, aren’t capable of carrying skis. That’s why your charter broker will probably ask you if you’re going to be bringing along any skis or golf bags. You’d hate to show up to the airport only to find out that you’re going to have to keep all your equipment behind. On the other hand, let’s say you want to charter a jet from Van Nuys to Teterboro and the purpose of the flight is for business reasons. If that’s the case, the passengers will likely need to work during the flight to the east coast and there are some airplane types that are more conducive to those types of needs.

Many people inquiring about chartering an airplane from Los Angeles automatically assume that LAX is the airport they’ll depart from. The fact is, there are several airports in southern California that private jets operate from, including Van Nuys (VNY), Santa Monica (SMO), Long Beach (LGB), Burbank (BUR), Hawthorne (HHR), and Santa Ana’s John Wayne Airport (SNA).

Of these, Van Nuys airport is the most popular in the area for chartering a private jet, but it certainly isn’t the only option. For the most part, charter operators will be able to send their aircraft to any airport in the area as long as the aircraft and crew are capable and the airport’s runways and tarmacs are qualified for the type of aircraft you’re requesting. That means if you’re dead set on departing a specific airport, most companies will be able to fulfil your request.

If you’re using a charter broker, you’ll want to tell them how flexible you are when it comes to your departure or arrival airports. As a general rule of thumb, the more flexible you are, the more you’ll save on your flight. The reason is simple: if an airplane and crew have to depart a nearby airport to come pick you up at a neighboring one, you’ll have to pay for that small amount of extra flight time. Depending on the aircraft’s operating costs, that short flight could add up to be fairly significant. Sometimes the cost exceeds the convenience and other times you may find that it makes more sense to pay extra for the added simplicity and convenience of being picked up your nearest airport. Just keep in mind, if you’re willing to drive to the aircraft’s base airport and eliminate the positioning flight, you’ll likely save quite a bit of money.

Because of the dense population surrounding most of the airports in the Los Angeles area, most airports have strict curfews in order to limit excessive noise. Santa Monica and Van Nuys airports are especially sensitive to the issue of noise concerns, so keep this in mind when planning your trip, as many operators simply are not allowed to arrive or depart beyond a certain time in the evening or before a specific time in the morning. For example, charter operators at Van Nuys have to follow specific noise abatement procedures, specifically that they can’t takeoff between 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. if their aircraft noise exceeds 74 decibels. At Santa Monica, turbojet operators are prohibited from the airport and all other operators aren’t even allowed to start their engines between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., let alone depart the airfield. 3333 angel number meaning

This is the kind of information your broker and aircraft operator will keep you informed of and if there happen to be potential conflicts with your itinerary, they’ll bring it to your attention as early as possible so that you can plan around any potential issues.

Once your broker or charter company comes back with a quoted price for your trip, review the terms of the charter agreement, and if you find the terms and the quoted price to be fair and reasonable, you’ll need to complete the agreement and give them your payment information in order to reserve the airplane for your trip. Keep in mind, every operator has slight nuances to their terms and conditions, so make sure to review them completely and ask either your broker or the charter company directly to clarify anything that you may not immediately understand. There are several factors that the charter companies have to take into consideration when preparing your quote and they have different business models to ensure that they will be able to make a profit on the trip. Make sure you understand how they’re charging you for the trip and to have them clarify everything that isn’t straightforward.

There are also different ways in which brokers are paid for their services, so make sure to ask your broker how they’re compensated. A good broker earns their money by doing all the homework on your behalf, finding the best options and rates for your trip, and providing you with the information to make the smartest decision. By comparing rates and preparing the information for you, they’ll likely save you a considerable amount as compared to if you simply contacted one operator and never shopped around.

In advance of your travel day, either your broker or the charter company will give you all the information you’ll need in order to make sure the flight goes smoothly and without a hitch. They’ll give you directions to the location at the airport where you’ll meet the aircraft and crew. Always make sure that all passengers who will be traveling on the aircraft have government issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.


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